Passenger Locator Form to Greece repealed

The Minister of Tourism of the Hellenic Republic, Vassilis Kikilias, made the following statement:

On a recommendation by the Experts’ Committee of the Ministry of Health, as of March 15th 2022 the completion of the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) which was required by all visitors for entrance to Greece is repealed. The revocation of the PLF simplifies the entrance procedure for travellers, passing the emphasis on vaccination certificate checks.

In addition to that, adopting new health protocols for tourism enterprises puts Greece ahead of the competition. As always, we are ready to welcome our visitors safely”.

The Committee has also recommended raising the allowed capacity of tourist buses from 85% to 100%, starting on Saturday 5th March 2022, while the rest of precaution measures − natural ventilation, use of protective mask− remain the same.

We need to note that according to the new special health protocol on the operation of tourism accommodation, for tourism units with a capacity of over 50 rooms, remains obligatory the cooperation with a doctor or a health facility that complies with the instructions provided by the Greek National Public Health Organization (EODY) for the control of COVID-19, as well as:
- Suppliance of single-use gloves to personnel working in the housekeeping department and the kitchen;
- Cancellation of the single-use gloves requirement for tourists during buffet meals. The use of disinfectant liquid remains obligatory;
- Revocation of the single-use tableclothes;
- Revocation of surface cleaning using steam generator of >70˚C. This practice will only be applied for disinfection on the occurrence of a confirmed case in the room;

The new special health protocol for the operation of tourist accommodation shall apply from the publication of the relevant Joint Ministerial Decision in the Government Gazette.

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