Covid-19, a message for our guests

As we are sure you are aware the world has been affect by the Covid-19 pandemic, unfortunately Greece has not been spared. Like everybody in the world it has affected all areas of our lives, and our daily routines. Fortunately our government was quick to respond and implement a lockdown, so we have avoided the severity that some countries in Europe have experienced and we are standing at the moment as one of the safest countries to travel to and holiday at.

Currently Greece has lifted travel sanctions for some countries and will continue updating others permitted, based on their epidemiological data. The Greek government, in tandem with other World governments, have just issued the first guidelines regarding policies and practices to ensure safety from Covid-19 for both guests and personnel of all accommodation types.

Here at Seafront Apartments the protection of our guest’s health and safety is a priority in our minds, we will continue to respond to all the changes as they occur and update our website and this post with all the relevant information.

We ALL need to work and pull together under the same simple rules to beat this pandemic and return the world to normal.

Please share any information here far and wide to ensure all of our safety.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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